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tension, obama cancels the newton meeting -- putin meeting. thank you for being with us. guest: thank you for having me. >> later today the president will visit with troops and families from camp pendleton in california. tonight -- >> if you were an invited guest of the madisons or in the mid- circle of family or friends, you would be invited into the driving room from the drawing room. madison, in an atsual setting, would sit the head the table. her husband was at the center. dolly would direct the conversation and james would be able to engage in intimate or lively conversation with the people to his immediate right and left. set forle today is eight people. there could be as many as 20 people served in the dining room. that would not be unusual. indeed, dolly madison consider dining at montpelier to be so much more relaxing than entertaining in washington. she said it is less worry feeding 100 people at montpelier than 25 in washington. inour encore presentation continues at 9:00 tonight on c- span. balz discussedn his recent book about the future of elections of america which details
this month, president obama announced that he would once again pivot to the economy. the bottom line of his speech, after 4 1/2 years of the obama administration, quote, we're not there yet, end quote. the president is right. we're not there yet. economic growth is the key to job creation and recovery, but america's growth rate is anemic. from 2010-2012 it barely averaged 2%. in the fourth quarter of 2012, it was 1/4 of 1%. according to the most recent estimates. these figures translate into deep economic pain for america's workers and families. the june, 2013 jobs report showed an increase of 240,000 in the number of discouraged workers, those who have quit looking for a job out of frustrn pe working part-time, who really want full-time work past 8.2 million, that is a jum of 322 tchourks in just one month. worst of all, the truest measure, the rate that includes both discouraged workers and those who cannot find a full-time job continues to exceed 20 million americans. that rate rows from 13.8% back to 14.3% in june. america's labor force participation rate has fallen to levels not seen s
interesting to note when there have been meetings with obama and putin the kind of tension we noticed earlier this year. their russian counterparts. willie meetings distilled take place? guest: that is right. that meeting today with kerry, hagel, and the russian counterparts will take place as scheduled. the way they're friending it is they will discuss of how we can best make progress moving forward. also, not indicating there has not been a complete break of some kind, but definitely send a strong message that the relationship has been harmed by the latest incident. -- andn depomed part diplomat talk where the white house called russia's a disappointing decision on edward snowden, what do you read into that? heard that language again and again from jay carney, that the u.s. is deeply disappointed, the president again saying last night that we are disappointed. there have been a lot of complaints from u.s. officials about the way the russians had handled this move, even though there were signs that it might be coming. for instance, they weren't giving a heads-up up that it was taking place.
in my view. i share the concerns about obama care and trying to do what we can to stop that. i think the biggest frustration is with inc. this is owing to is going toink this be a monstrosity and we need to stop it. we would do what we can, but it is too difficult. ofis frustrating to a lot people considering once it goes effect, it is going to radically change things. sidee people on the other who fight tooth and nail. care.her side does not all they want to do is win. they are playing dirty, and we are not. is question i want to get to the situation that is growing where you have a government cy, the nsa, which every three is going to as secret core and getting cell phone records of every single american. f the eye that went fbi that wentg -- to court saying they do not need check your e-mail. that has nosame irs compunction about abusing up doherty. -- authority. so far no one has paid a price for that. nothing is being done to rein in these government agencies. it's the only privacy you have is what the government -- from my perspective the only privacy you have is what the gove
obama has canceled his meeting next month with russian president vladimir putin. also your calls in today's headlines on "washington journal ," live beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. and with congress on its five- week summer recess, we are following members that they hold a town hall meetings. today, republican congressman tom cole speaking to constituents and more, oklahoma at 10:35. he is followed by democratic senator sheldon whitehouse talking at a community dinner at 3:00 p.m. eastern right here on c-span. vacation tong for martha's vineyard, president obama traveled to orlando, florida, to does -- to discuss the disabled veterans national convention. talk about the priorities of his and administration, including any the backlog, incentive, and the creation of a initiative. he also called on congress to make tax credits permanent for businesses that hire veterans, and two passes veterans job or proposal. knowank you all, please, i you have been working hard, so rest yourselves. [laughter] i am beyond thrilled to be here with all of you today, and i want to star
, building public and private partnerships. when president obama appointed him as secretary of education, he brought that same agenda to his job in washington. with the determination to make sure that he created systemic change. be proud of the work that you have done to increase these programs by $40 million, and encouraging the states to raise education standards. we are honored to have you here. to talk about the education issues confronting us here at home and abroad. it sets the scene for the conversations we will have over the next three days about how to reach our ambitious goal to teach every child to read. especially in conflict and crisis countries, to make sure that we help them find security that is assured. please welcome me in joining -- please join me in welcoming secretary arnie duncan. >> i am thrilled to be here. everything we can do to be a good partner, we want to do that. do goingso much we can forward. i will make some brief remarks and take any questions you may have. you foro thank all of working so hard to guarantee every child in every corner of we globe has an educ
which was a stress test for obama's first .efense strategy some argue the bush administration started this. it is not zero-sum. i do not see any scenario where the congress could continue. what you are saying is that economically we will not be able to do that? >> their artie moving away from that in realistic time. the previous position is to not break the strategy. we also heard this reiterated at the pentagon last week. move it as were to is. a quarter trillion in defense of budget cuts proposal by senator patty murray, larger than the president in his latest budget process. the would have been strategy. the full sequester would have stopped it. based on the double and triple whammy hold, we are not just talking sequester dollars anymore. we are talking about readiness own tab.t is also its it is under which a talk about later. all of this combined me that any scenario is that a minimum bending strategy. one.nk it is a sound i do not know how you can keep it. >> you have written that you go from two wars at the same time concept to one war plus two. i assume you mean smaller engage
be about it. i admire so much, the claims spoken. i had an opportunity to speak with president obama. of course, we talked about immigration reform, and i wanted to talk about it from an economic perspective. that was fantastic. i said, the reality is, you would not be mr. president were it not for the hispanic vote. the history of this country has the hispanic community played such a role in the election of a president. never again will there be an american president without quoting the hispanic vote. i am for you to please begin to change the narrative that has defined the relationship between latin america and the united states. >> not just with mexico, but we open up our opportunities and participate in these markets and everybody benefits. >> every time i hear about it, these are the facts, but every time i hear about it, the narrative has words like illegal immigration and drug wars and order crossings. true. that is we are not turning a deaf year or a blind eye. the reality is mexico is the second-largest trading partner in the united states and will be for decades to come, bi
. >> are you prepared to say -- this would be very different from what the obama administration is saying, as recently as yesterday. dnigeneral counsel of the was asked yesterday in a house hearing, do you think you could keep secret indefinitely that you are collecting call data records from all americans? he said, we tried. are you prepared to say that that was a mistake, that there should have been a debate at the time, that you collectively decided that the law allowed you to collect all the records of who communicates with home, both , andhony and internet data a substantial amount of content, and not all of it with orders -- should that have been a public debate? >> i think you are misusing the word collect. the proper word here is store in able to be able to have access to when permission is granted. using those terms, yes. i think we could have talked about that. >> i think this is undercutting your case. if you could actually go, once a day, 23 phone companies that have substantially all the phone records, and receive, in your hand, a set of dvd's constituting all the records of
power. while i might trust pete king and even president obama to respect the balance between civil liberties and national security, i'm not sure i'm going to be able to trust the next president. that is why we have a constitution and the bill of rights. i'm speaking to you today as someone who considers herself a kind of national security hawk. i endorsed the patriot act. i thought we needed it. i think we still need to do more to protect american citizens. i do not think guantanamo should be closed, because i want to be men, i take dangerous want to take them somewhere that is not in the united states where i know they can be safeguarded for trial. the terrible thing about this indictment is that we do not have the man responsible for benghazi. we are not likely to get him unless he has an unfortunate traffic accident in libya, it could happen. [laughter] in there the problems way in which the president has adopted his approach to national security. it is, as pete king says, schizophrenic. finally, i'm skeptical because i know firsthand the enormous power of the government. when i
of legislation that will roll back the obama administration's overreach. stop m this effort, government abuse week. our message to the administration is quite simple, no more wasted tax dollars, no more abuse of power by federal agencies. the federal government must be accountable to the american people, not unelected bureaucrats. right now we have a senior federal employee -- right now a senior federal employee can be placed under investigation for serious misconduct, yet the federal government isn't allowed to put that employee or that person on leave without pay meaning they get an extended paid vacation. that's the case with i.r.s. official lois lerner who took the fifth amendment in testifying before congress. she's now on paid leave while congress continues the agency's misconduct investigation. the employee accountability act, introduced by my friend, mike kelley from pennsylvania, will place employees on unpaid leave while they are under investigation for serious offenses. mr. speaker, i'm proud of the work the house is doing on behalf of the american people. we're sending a strong me
for the next stop on president obama as middle-class speech tour. he is expected to lay out ideas for helping homeowners and potential home buyers. he began a series of speeches on how to help the middle class and boost the economy. we will have his remarks right here on c-span. and coming up at 5:00, a discussion on national security and civil liberties from aspen security form. speakers include barton gilman who broke and as a prison program story. dennis blair, for more rigid former national intelligence director and anthony romero. here is a preview. whether it is, legitimate or legal, it is illegitimate and illegal in our minds. section 215 and 702. let's break it down. the 215 standard is really important to read the word of the law. its statement of fact showing there are reasonable grounds to believe any tangible things that they can see our relevant. it defies the knowledge or the understanding of the word relevant when you are collecting every single phone call. they say metadata is not content, but it can give a lot of content. how long i stay on the phone call. how often i call my
sites new jersey, with the super front -- superfund grant. when obama became president, i helped to provide universal health care with the affordable care act. it is making a difference in peoples lives. i believe in congress you can make a difference. you can get things done. >> thank you. that concludes our opening statements. we want to discuss issues that are germane to our state, country, issues that taken the role of a senator, which transcends our communities and our state and takes in a worldview as well. lt, you up first. the question revolves around the terror warning that was announced over the last couple of days. information obtained by the nsa resulting in the u.s. issuing traveling warnings overseas, closing a number of embassies throughout the arab world, and drc heightened security at home. you have been very critical of the role of the nsa and the surveillance program as well. knowing what we know right now and knowing that much of this information has come from sa, arepts by the n you changing your mind about the way you view the nsa surveillance programs and t
-span video library. news from the white house tonight. tomorrow president obama is expected to sign into law, bipartisan legislation that should lower the cost of borrowing for millions of college students. it links student lone rates to the financial markets. it should happen tomorrow in a ceremony at the white house. not a lot on president obama's agenda today after returning from a west coast swing earlier in the week. he did find time to call to ident george w. bush wish him well following a cardiac operation. in a couple of hours we will bring you a discussion on immigration, state economies and the contributions of immigrants. we will hear more from steven moore. here is a preview from an event hosted last month at the george w. bush institute in dallas. >> it seems like we hear this everywhere. it seems like it is almost conventional wisdom. what we hear is we have to make these pro texts for american workers. it facilitates this myth that immigrants come and take jobs. even our leaders in washington on either side, they seem content to always just say -- to kind of buy into that by s
for monday 14, they requested $150 billion, much higher than it used to be. just before president obama took office it was just that $100 billion a year and these funds are not subject to sequestration, so they are not being cut like the rest of the federal budget. host: todd harrison is from the answer for strategic and budgetary assessments, talk about what your group does and where you get your funding. guest: we are a nonprofit, nonpartisan defense think tank. we focus on issues like national security strategy and resources. that is where i come in on the budget side, resources side. we get funding from a number of different sources, through private foundations, grants. we do some work with the department of defense and others. a variety of sources fund our organization. host: how long have you been there? guest: a little over four years. host: what did you do before? guest: i was a contractor with booz allen hamilton, and i worked with the air force and other department of defense organizations helping them with their acquisition programs. host: we are talking about pay
passed in this house, bills passed by the united states senate and signed into law by president obama that either repealed or defunded portions of his own health care law. h.r. 4 repealed the small business paperwork mandate. h.r. 1473 cut $2.2 billion from the self-public plan and froze the i.r.s. budget. h.r. 674 saved taxpayers $13 billion by adjusting eligibility for obamacare programs. h.r. 2055 made more reductions to the independent payment advisory aboard and the i.r.s. h.r. 3630 slashed billions of dollars from obamacare slush funds. h.r. 4348 saved another $670 million from the boondoggle, the louisiana purchase that was included in the original bill. and h.r. 8, which repealed the sustainable class program. all of those repealed or changed portions of the affordable care act signed into law by the president of the united states. we've heard heartwrenching friends on the other side about health challenges and illnesses and, yes, mr. speaker, there are real challenges out there. as a physician i can attest to that having spent over 20 years taking care of patients. but the am
-risk list earlier this year. and that's exactly what the obama administration is doing. an interagency task force that worked over the course of several years to estimate the cost of the harm from carbon pollution. it incorporated the latest scientific and technical information. i'm sorry if people lose their jobs, but they don't have to lose their jobs. if an industry is told to reduce carbon emissions, they don't have to fire people, they can develop and buy the technology that would reduce that pollution. so to help those polluters not have to do that, we are going to pretend there's no cost. mr. murphy's amendment would require the government to assume zero harm, zero cost from carbon pollution and climate change. i urge my colleagues to reject this amendment. it's based on magical thinking. don't be a science denier. vote against the amendment and i reserve whatever time i have left. the chair: the gentleman from california reserves. the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized. mr. murphy: how much time do we have left on our side? the chair: you have 2 1/2 minutes. the gentleman fro
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17